Silesian Film Fund 2020

Silesia Film Institute in Katowice
is calling for applications to the Silesian Film Fund for 2020

1. Since 6 February 2020, it has been possible to apply for financial support of the Silesian Film Fund. Applications may be submitted by all entities conducting business activity in the field of film production which intend to produce a film related to the Silesian Voivodeship through its theme or place of production.
2. The terms and conditions of participation of Silesia Film Institute in production of the film are laid down in the Rules and Regulations of the Silesian Film Fund.
3. The Rules and Regulations as well as the application form are available at, and at the registered office of the Institute.
4. It is necessary to submit applications in printed and electronic form.
5. A complete application consists of:
a) The application form, completed in accordance with the instructions and signed in the required fields.
b) Appendix 1 – Script, and in the case of animated films – script and/or storyboard.
c) Appendix 2 – Cost estimate in the form of an MS Excel sheet (or equivalent), which obligatorily consists of a summary page (the so-called Top Sheet), financing structure, detailed cost estimate (broken down into individual production periods) indicating the cost items covered by the Institute’s co-producer’s contribution in the amount of 100% or 150%.
d) Appendix 3 – CV of the director with a description of achievements.
e) Appendix 4 – Director’s draft.
f) Appendix 5 – Description of the producer’s activities and achievements.
g) Appendix 6 – Copy of the contract confirming acquisition of rights to the script.
h) Appendix 7 – Copies of co-production contracts, letters of intent (concerning the declared financial contribution).
i) Appendix 8 – Promotion plan and distribution plan.
j) Appendix 9 – Sample materials: photographs, artistic designs, moodboards, fragments of the film which have already been produced (obligatory in the case of applications in the documentary film category). If an Applicant submitting an application for a feature film should have no sample materials from the film which the application concerns, the Applicant shall attach an earlier film by the same director to the application.
k) Appendix 10 – Registration documents – only for entities whose registration documents are not available in online registers.
l) Appendix 11 – Consent of the actors to the use of their image – applies only to documentary films, where necessary.
m) Appendix 12 – Power of attorney to represent the Applicant – applies only to situations described in item 6 below.
6. The application form and other documents (appendices) must be signed by a person/persons authorised to represent the Applicant in accordance with the information contained in the Applicant’s registration documents or by a person/persons holding a written power of attorney to represent the Applicant in the scope of submitting the application. If the application is signed on the basis of a power of attorney, the relevant power of attorney should be attached to the application.
7. The application form should be filled in block letters (printed). The form and other parts of the application must be drawn up in Polish. In the event that any of the contracts, letters of intent or other documents attached should be in a language other than Polish, they must be accompanied by a written translation.
8. For each item, figures in the application form should be entered exclusively in the form of digits.
9. The electronic version of the application consists of files corresponding to each part of the application and placed on a mass storage medium. The medium with the electronic version of the application must be attached to the paper version in a way which prevents separation thereof.
10. The Applicant may stipulate that some of the appendices shall be for the information of the Institute and the Commission only; this shall apply exclusively to: a. Contract for the acquisition of rights to the script. b. Co-production contracts. c. Contracts with investors (co-finance). d. Subsidy contracts. e. Sponsorship contracts. f. Distribution and licensing agreements. These documents shall not be provided to Experts. In the paper version of the application, classified documents shall be clearly marked with the word “CONFIDENTIAL”, placed in the top right-hand corner of the first page of the document. In the electronic version of the application, they shall be placed in a separate folder named “CLASSIFIED”.
11. An application may be withdrawn only by the Applicant by submitting a letter requesting withdrawal of the application, signed by the Applicant or a person authorised to represent the Applicant, at the registered office of the Institute.

Applications in paper and electronic form should be submitted to the secretariat of Silesia Film Institute at ul. Górnicza 5, 40-008 Katowice, Poland, between 7.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.
The application deadline is 26 February 2020, 1.00 p.m.
Applications shall be deemed to have been submitted on the day and at the time of receipt of its paper form by the Institute.
Applications together with the appendices thereto should be submitted in a single copy and placed in a folder so that individual sheets can be removed (do not bind). In the case of feature films, the scripts should be permanently bound.